Synthesism pt. 4 “I” #7 Left-/Right-brained

I. the gendered self
a. brain areatemporal lobes
b. organ systemreproductive & endocrine
c. neurotransmitter(s)all
i. psychological construct(s)problem solving, creativity
ii. emotional spectrumfeminine-masculine
iii. diseasesgender dysphoria
d. developmental stagesecond half of life; self-actualization (Maslow)
e. lifecycle stageold age
f. evolutionary groupingHomo sapiens; sexual reproduction; bilateral symmetry
g. cosmological stageend
h. space-timepurely abstract
i. Behaviorconstructive & creative
j. persongender, class, socially constructed self piled on biology
k. environmentsocial & physical
l. chakra6. ajna
m. sephirot5. gevurah (discipline) & 6. chesed (kindness)
n. colorspink & indigo
o. Freudian conceptunconscious
p. OCEAN traitC

This self-conception came out of a desire to redefine masculine and feminine in terms that have little to nothing to do with typical gender roles, genitalia, or reproduction. Also, this stems from a desire to incorporate spiritual doctrine about the feminine and masculine aspects of deities like G-d. Basically, masculinity is right-brained-ness and is associated with the word constructive while feminine is associated with the word creative. Both are about making stuff, one just from preexisting materials, the other from scratch. The masculine is now the one that takes existing knowledge structures and extrapolates while the feminine comes up with novel ideas altogether. However else it feels to be a women different from a man that is not just the powerful foisting qualities they associate with child-rearing on women can be lumped in as left-brained. Women are known to be more conscientious for example. That is an aspect of femininity that has nothing to do with roles. We know it feels a certain way to be a woman or else there would be nobody feeling like they were born into the wrong body nor would there be trans-exclusionary feminists. Either way, this spectrum presents one that includes trans folk and non-binary who identify as some mix or as devoid of gender.

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