Synthesism pt. 4 “I” #8 the Group

I. collective consciousness
a. brain areaall
b. organ systemall
c. neurotransmitter(s)all
i. psychological construct(s)mob mentality, sociological constructs
ii. emotional spectrumall
iii. diseases/disordersgroupthink, hooliganism
d. developmental stageold age; transcendence (Maslow)
e. lifecycle stagedeath
f. evolutionary stagepost-homo
g. cosmological stagerebirth? infinity
h. space-timesociological
i. Behaviorcollective decision-making, brainstorming, rioting, war
j. persondeindividuation
k. environmentsocietal structures
l. chakratalu & nirvana chakras
m. sephirot8. hod (splendor), the entire tree
n. colorpurple

When people join into collective action, they can lose a sense of individuality and do things that only serve the group. Whereas the existential self is still an individual that acts as a member of its social categories would, the mob is its own entity and often transmits to individual members its desired actions through the collective observing itself. This collective self happens when multiple p’s combine into one.

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