Synthesism pt. 6: Religion

In synthesism, all religious doctrine is seen as a metaphor for the true scientific nature of things. For instance, a creator in the Old Testament took seven days to make reality and life as we know it, but what is a day to a being of that magnitude but an eon, and could it not have kicked off evolution but back when the Bible was written we did not have the sophistication to outline the creator, the universe’s, nature’s design. Even all of the individual deities are all anthropomorphizations of real forces and phenomena in nature. If the doctrine of loving kindness would be extended to beyond the tribe’s social boundaries to the nonbeliever, there would be much less hypocrisy and more peace in the world. Might not the creator simply be the universe itself and humans becoming self-aware means the universe is now self-aware and there is no bearded man in the heavens but rather a life force that seems to drive us?

To be continued…

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