Synthesism pt. 7: the Culture Wars

Just as there is the constructive/masculine/right-brained and creative/etc./etc., the other sides of these coins are control and order and just as there is the masculine and feminine divine energy as in Kabbalah, there has been since the dawn of civilization a tension between the chaos of creative energy and structure. Both sides have a point, though it is usually one that ends up downtrodden through history and that is what we now call the leftwing. Called many other things erroneously sometimes, the fight for freedom has by the right been viewed as a fight for anarchy, while they tout a freedom that is really fascism in disguise. All this is to say, in synthesism, the two points of view become one and a middle ground is reached.

Taking the press, for example, journalists; the right likes to distrust the media as liberal all the while displaying the rude behavior the press saddles them with, and the left wants a free press because it does tend to lean towards a more liberal viewpoint. Without free press we are fascists, which the right supposedly hate (until it is fascism for their beliefs) and they are pro-press when it becomes a fight for the right to be prejudiced against the left in print. This has been the tension, and the middle ground is simply to trust that freedom to hate is antithetical to freedom as long as the prejudiced against and fearful of liberals are also not allowed to vote for discriminatory laws.

Meaning freedom to hate and freedom to legislate should be differentiated.

If this nation is to claim to be founded on principles of freedom, then fear must be replaced with tolerance, even for an ideology that discriminates, while an admission should be made that institutionalized inequality is unconstitutional. Haters have a First Amendment right to be antisocial, but it is clear which beliefs of freedom are a threat to American life and which are only a threat to bigots who care nothing about social mobility and ironically would love actual anarchy because it would lead to them being in charge as the right are the survivalists.

Synthesism allows for total freedom of belief including fascist ideology with enforced tolerance of lifestyle choices that do not impinge on others’ well-being. The saddest development as of late is the left employing the intimidation tactics of the right to be fascist about loving not just tolerating non-binary individuals for example. There needs to be balance between order of law and free love; tolerance for the hateful and freedom for the loving.

Some might think that I am making some stupid misguided academic statement to the effect that bigotry is okay; it is not, however the conspiracy theorist, in-cell, disgruntled right-wing fascist will continue to exist, the left’s job is to stand by while the right disenfranchise themselves while the Republican guard a.k.a. the police need to realize the hippy and punk rock protestor are not the real threat and need to stop saddling the left with felony charges because they are actually the last bastion of freedom the way both sides enjoy it. All this is to say is that speaking truth to power by a standup comedian let’s say mocking the white, heterosexual, rich, male, Christian is acceptable “hate” and we can all agree mocking those who don’t fit this box is true bigotry.

However, amongst themselves they should be allowed to congregate as long as no laws including those governing hate speech are not broken as long as they cannot affect policy, the law, the way the rich Republican does making it friendly for your downhome racist never-taken-a-handout-supposedly redneck and unfriendly for the supposedly shiftless, lazy, hedonistic, immoral, atheist, minority voice.

Here minority means the less powerful as the loving have historically been.

The moment the Democrat becomes a fascist, is all I’m saying is the problem. The right are historically wrong in that they are overzealous in their maintenance of their own power by definition of being the side of order and discipline, and the left can be stereotyped sometimes accurately as disliking order but only a certain type of order that is not just anti-Marxist but anti-compassion and pro-dog-eat-dog-world.

However, people’s beliefs cannot be legislated.

Loosen up the grip on power and the uptightness surrounding political correctness and we’ve got ourselves a compromise.

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