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  • Top 30 Musical Acts Discovered On Their Own

    The other day I was thinking: ‘When have I ever found out about a band or solo artist on my own; not through word of mouth and not by hearing them on the radio?’ My next thought was, ‘does learning about them through Rolling Stone magazine, guitar mags, or trade mags with local venue listings […]

  • The “DiYme.mine presents:” show is here

    Checkout the Podcasts page for the most recent episodes or check us out on iTunes!

  • Pending approval through iTunes, but until then…

    Just in case it is not approved because my first logo was not the decent one you see here and I have since changed the .xml to reflect the changes to the logo perhaps a bit late, I am currently figuring out how to host the podcast directly through this site. Stay tuned!

  • Podcast coming soon

    Get ready for “DiYmemine presents:” — a podcast showcasing the miscellaneous talents of the one-person collective, with the hosts various alter egos anonymously presenting and discussing audio essays, songs, and any other creations this individual with many names is working on or has put forth over the years.